Frank Grothstück

Frank GrothstückThe "Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center Germany" was founded in 2000 in Cologne. Frank Grothstueck, director and teacher of the school, practices martial arts since 1983 and Taijiquan since 1990. From 1991 to 1995 he learned 24, 48 forms (modern simplified taiji) and 83 forms of Chen Style (new frame) from Master Teng Jian. Furthermore he studied some Daoyin Qigong forms during a Taiji und Qigong teacher vocational training in Cologne.

Since 1995, when he first met the masters Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun and became their student, he learned handforms (103, 49 and 13 forms), Taiji sword, Taiji saber and Tuishou and continues studying with them every year. Also since 1995 he teaches Taijiquan in Cologne and organises seminars with his masters Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun.

In the International Yang Style Taiji competition in Taiyuan/China (July 2002) Frank Grothstueck won two gold medals in handform and saberform, made fourth place in Taiji sword and was awarded a special price for best performance.

Frank Grothstück teaching in other places

August, 09 to 16, 2009: Summer-Academy 2009 for Taijiquan and Qigong in Alterode (Harz) - Traditional Yang Style - Saber Form, Traditional Yang Style - 16 Forms Taijiquan, the Tui-Shou of the Yang family. Registration under Tao-Schule.

Private lessons

On request you can arrange for private lessons in Yang style Tai Chi Chuan with Frank Grothstück.
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