What is Taijiquan?

Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) is an internal martial art, whose slow and round movements train and relax body, mind and breathing. In China Taijiquan is practiced primarily for health reasons. The main aims are meditation, perfect harmony of external movement and internal energy as well as the development of internal force.

The Yangschool of Taijiquan was originally founded by the legendary Yang Luchan. His grandson Yang Chengfu developed the Style, the movements became bigger and very open, smooth and continuos. Main characteristics are the harmony between body and mind, external and internal as well as a strong internal force. As Yang Chengfu said, Taijiquan is an art,in which the slow and relaxed movements contain a strong internal energie as a needle concealed in cotton.

Now the main representatives of Yang Style Taijiquan are Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo, the third son of Yang Chengfu and his grandson Master Yang Jun. Their Taijiquan follows precicely the movements and positions set forth by Yang Chengfu. Both dedicate their lifes to practice and their art with ten thousands of students all over the world.